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The Walk for JESUS is a vision that GOD gave Ronel, or should I rather say a mission!

We are a non-denominational organization linked to the Walk for JESUS.  

The only link is JESUS.  

The first Walk for JESUS was held on Sunday, 25 July 2010,

and it has happened every 4 months since then.

Because Ronel works for a rugby union,

she saw the passion people have for rugby and soccer -

especially after the 2010 Soccer World Cup in SA.

The passion for sport is shown with flags, people dress in supporting themes and colours,

mirror covers displayed on cars and stickers.  

Ronel thought it sad that people are willing to stand up in such a way for their team,

but will think twice to do it for GOD…  

That's how the Walk for JESUS started, to be visible for JESUS, to show WHO we "support".  

Walk for JESUS is to unite, to change our cities through prayer and spiritual warfare!

Walk for JESUS has grown over the last few years.

 During our walks we hand out 1000’s of small Bibles to people who cross our path, as we "walk for JESUS".  

We have dance schools, security companies and biker clubs who join us, with radio and newspaper coverage.

We are walking all over South Africa on the same day and now walk for JESUS is spreading all over the world.  

How amazing is our GOD!  

We’ve had overseas cities walk with us before - Texas, India, Windhoek, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Pakistan!

There are lots of testimonies of stuff that happens during the Walk for JESUS.

 From young people that would go onto their knees in the street and pray for an old lady’s leg,

to people joining us from the side of the road and then asking to join a church

because they want to move closer to GOD,

to people that are pushed into going to the Walk for JESUS

by wives or children and then ending up having a passion for JESUS! 

Walk 4 JESUS - 28 February 2016

Walk 4 JESUS - 27 September 2015