The Rainbow Story 


Jonah is a good example of someone who tried to run and hide from God. You can run but never hide!

In Hebrews 13:6, God promises: “I will never leave you, will never let you down.”

I learned the same lesson as Jonah, the hard way.


My name is Nico Liebenberg and the Rainbow Story is my testimony. 


Christianity has always been a part of my life, but if you stand in a pond full of fish, it will not necessarily make you a fish! We went to church, read the Bible and prayed, but still I didn’t surrender my live to the Lord. One Sunday evening in 1987 in Welkom, there was an open invitation for all present to give their hearts to God. I wanted to surrender my heart to the Lord, with everything in me, but I couldn’t stand up. My legs were completely numb. I couldn’t move. The next evening I sat in the bath and thought about the events of the previous night. I started praying and surrendered my heart, my life and everything to the Lord.


My life was prosperous. I advanced in my career. I had an executive position in one of the largest and best known companies in South Africa. My work involved lots of travelling between Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. I was afraid of nothing and no challenge was too big for me. One night in Cape Town, a very charming lady offered me cocaine in the hotel. I wasn’t afraid of anything and I took it from her. That was the beginning of a dark hole swallowing me slowly, but surely. Within seven years I lost everything: my wife and family, my home, my job and self-worth.


In 1986 I was in a serious car accident. In 2000 I was in another serious car accident. Every time the onlookers could not believe that I could have survived the accidents, but God had other plans for me.


In 2003 I completed my Theological studies. I was a full-fledged pastor, who could not escape from the grip of drugs. Drug rehabilitation was the next step and I had been admitted in various rehabilitation centers. Any rehabilitation is worthless if you attempt it without God! During my last rehabilitation session, I dreamed that I was on a pulpit, preaching for many people. During the sermon I received a twenty first birthday key and interpreted the dream, that I was ready to Evangelize the world.


In 1975 I was the head boy of Esparanza Primary School. We played sports often at the neighboring school, Newlands Primary School. In later years, Newlands Primary School became Rescue Centre 911 for homeless people. In 2007, after wandering the streets of Johannesburg, Rescue Centre 911 became my home.


In 2007, my daughter got married and up to today I have a hard time making peace with the fact that I couldn't give her the wedding she dreamt of as a young girl. At that point in time, I couldn’t even buy food for myself. During the day I would walk the streets in search for a job and then came back to the Village, very down hearted, just to find that my clothes and shoes were stolen during the day.


During my stay in the Village, I had another dream. I dreamt that I ran onto a rugby field for a very important rugby match with the Springboks. When I looked down I was barefoot. I woke up in cold sweat. A pastor friend interpreted the dream that I was called for huge things, but that I wasn’t equipped for it yet. Later I realized that God calls the unequipped and He equips them for His work. Just like Jesus called humble fishermen to be his disciples.


By the end of 2007 I got a job as an engineer at an international company in springs. I moved into the servant’s room at the house of one of my employees. My financial situation improved and I could afford to pay my own accommodation again. I moved into a boarding house in Springs. I was retrenched again and it was the same old story all over again: walking the streets during the day in search for work.


I was lucky to find a few short contracts. During the last short contract I did in South Africa, an International company contacted me via Face Book and offered me a position as General / Construction Manager in Iran. One of my dreams has always been to work overseas and suddenly my life changed drastically. I travelled between Iran and Dubai and it was during this time that I met my present wife. She is a teacher in the Middle East and after the completion of my contract in Dubai and Iran; I joined her in her country of residence. I worked as General Manager for a local company, but I received no salary during this time. On the day that I could get a big payment from my salary, the owner of the business cleared out the bank account and fled to Thailand. 

An Internet Radio Station


We got involved with an Internet Radio Station and started broadcasting for them. In an effort to generate some funds, we created a radio station for the locals in our country of residence. Unfortunately the idea was just too abstract for the local people and we couldn’t find sustainable advertisers. Our policy with this radio station was to broadcast no religious or political programs. I don’t want to encourage the muslim religion. I met a Jordanian / Arabic preacher and we became very good friends. One evening he preached a sermon in Arabic live on the radio. The very next day the threats started.


We decided that it was just too dangerous to proceed with Christian broadcasts on this station.


Rainbow Gospel Radio is born.


Through all my encounters with the dark side of life, there was a verse in the Bible that meant a lot to me, but I could only recently make it my own.


Romans 8:28

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."


I know I love God and I believe whole heartedly with everything in me that I was called to evangelize the Word of God. I believe that everything that happened to me in the past was in preparation for my work with Rainbow Gospel Radio. We prayed constantly about the establishment of a Gospel Internet Radio Station.


We were missionaries in the Middle East in the middle of the muslim stronghold and we had to take the safety of all the people involved into consideration. Our broadcasting studio is 20 meters away from the largest mosque in our town. 


Rainbow was the name given to my wife, Corne. A rainbow is a sign of God’s covenant with Noah and the colours also symbolize all the different people of the world.


For security reasons, the registration of Rainbow Gospel Radio was done via South Africa. 


Rainbow Gospel Radio has been on air since 18 August 2013 with a 24/7 broadcast of Gospel music.


At the beginning of November 2013, we began with live broadcasts and pre-recorded messages. Currently we have listeners from 184 countries worldwide.


Rainbow Gospel Radio is the mission radio for the world.


On listeners’ demand we decided to include secular programs into the program schedule, after serious thought and prayer. The secular programs, with Christian guidelines, are on the program schedule at different times during the day. The main goal of every program is to reach out to our listeners. Listeners are participating in the programs that are live on air in the Rainbow Chat page on Facebook. The listeners refer to themselves as the “Rainbow-Family” and share in each other’s joy, sorrow, happiness and tears. 


We are currently blessed with highly qualified broadcasters in a variety of fields: psychology, theology, health & well-being and counceling. 


Rainbow Gospel Radio is a Non-Profit Organization and none of the broadcasters are paid for their services.  My wife, Corne and I are full-time in media evangelization through Rainbow Gospel Radio and daily devotionals on various social media pages and we had to learn to trust God fully to provide for us. 


Bible readings are broadcast in 27 different languages weekly. 


Our vision is to evangelize in as many different languages

as possible.


Soli Deo Gloria / To God be the glory




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