Pinedene Primary School - Ravensmead

The suburb of Ravensmead , close to Parrow in the Western Cape was established in 1974, after the third event of forceful removals of residents from Parrow Valley. The first forceful removals stared in the 1950's and we know facts from the history books, but only the people affected will be able to relay the emotional trauma they had to suffer.

The learners of Pinedene Primary School in Ravensmead excel under the strong, strict, but loving leadership of the principal, Mr. February.

Teachers at the Pinedene Primary School face many challenges. The area is disadvantaged in several ways and this makes it difficult for people to fulfill meaningful occupations. Poverty is a cause of many problems in the community; malnutrition is affecting learners as well as the violence and crime in the area. Learners are in need of education, to better themselves and secure a better future for themselves.

At Pinedene Primary School teachers are not merely transferring knowledge - they provide a safe haven, combined with loads of love and care, where children can grow and blossom to their full potential.

Pinedene Primary school got 1st prize for exhibition 2nd for grand march pass and 3rd for best dress.Well done for winning Highest Points in your section as per WP marching association and the Plainsman and Peoples Post in the Drilling-Music Youth Academy competition in 2015.

Visit Pinedene Primary School:

Pinedene Primary is a Primary School located at Pinedenestraat 67, Ravensmead. You can contact Pinedene Primary. on 021-9319022.

Pinedene Primary is participating in the Rainbow Gospel Radio / Beit Bracha Shades of Love National Colouring Competition

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