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Win big with Rainbow Gospel Radio & Beit Bracha

Rules of the Shades of Love National Colouring Competition:

•    School students from Gr R to Gr 12 may participate in the competition.
•    An entry fee of R10 per entry is compulsory. 
•    Unlimited entries, but each entry has an entry fee of R10.
•    Entries may only be submitted via a participating school. Homeschool and private students may enter via Kingdom Gems                  Homeschool, with whom we have an agreement to act as administration center for all students not enrolled in a school. 

•    Participating schools will receive a cash back of 10% of the deposited entry fees. 
•    Any school may participate, but all participating schools has to complete the registration form. 
•    The prescribed medium for the entries is colouring pencils. 
•    The prescribed size for the entries is A4 size.
•    The information on the bottom of the page has to be completed in full.
•    Each entry must have the school’s stamp and receipt number for the entry fee on the bottom of the reverse side of the page. 
•    The beneficiary of the competition is Beit Bracha Rehabilitation Centre in Worcester.

•    Each grade category will have a first, second and third national prize winner. 

      o    First prize for students:      R1000-00
      o    Second prize for students:   R500-00
      o    Third prize for students:       R300-00

•    The first three schools with the most entries will also be rewarded prizes. 

      o    First prize for the school:       R5000-00
      o    Second prize for the school:  R3000-00
      o    Third prize for the school:      R1000-00


Only 1 adult winner with a winning prize of R1000-00


•    The closing date for the competition is 15 November 2016
•    All entry fees has to be paid over to Rainbow Gospel Radio by 30 December 2016.
•    The banking details will be provided in advance by email to each participating school. 
•    All entries must be send to Pretoria by courier by 30 December 2016. 
•    All entries will be scanned and published on Facebook in the group:                                                                                                                        Shades of Love where online voting will take place to determine the final winner of each category. 
•    The winner will be announced on 5 December 2016. 
•    All prize money and school commissions will be paid over by 7 December 2016. 
•    Entries will not be returned to participating schools and will become the property of Rainbow Gospel Radio.
•    The chosen winners will be final.


Terms and conditions:

  • The R5000 first prize will only be paid out if the winning insitution enter more than 1000 entries. 

  • The R3000 second prize will only be paid out if the winning institution enter more than 600 entries.

  • The R1000 third prize will only be paid out if the winning institution enter more than 200 entries.

  • Each category must have at least 360 entries in order to qualify for the prizes. If a category has less than 360 entries, it will be combined with another category. 

Participating Schools 

Destiny Academy Gateway

Address:        Corner of Jorrison and Klein Street 2350 Ermelo

Telephone:    0178112459

Destiny Academy Gateway in Ermelo is part of the Gateway City Church.  Their vision is:to build ourselves up through obedience to the Holy Spirit and God's Word,to build the Body of Christ through leading by example as born again Spirit filled children of Godand to build the city by being involved in rebuilding the ancient ruins and raise up the foundations of many generations (Isaiah 58)



Kingdom Gems Home School

Homeschool students, not enrolled with a school, is welcome to enter the Shades of Love Colouring competition via Kingdom Gems Home School.






Kinston Academy is a  small private school registered to teach up to grade 7 and they follow the CAPS curriculum from the department of education. Currently they have Gr R – Grade 3 and  are moving one grade up every year until they get to Grade 7. Learners benefit from smaller groups, because they receive individual attention and encouragement to develop to their full potential. 


Laerskool Kleinmond Primary

Main Road, Kleinmond



LAERSKOOL KLEINMOND het sy ontstaan in Julie 1925 gehad nadat die destydse skooltjie op Hermanusrivier, 'n plaas halfpad tussen Kleinmond en Botrivier, na Kleinmond verskuif is. Omdat daar op daardie tydstip geen skoolgebou beskikbaar was nie, is 'n sinkgebou betrek.




Laerskool Meyerspark Primary is a beautiful school with a rich tradition. Our school is child friendly with dedicated teachers. Together as a team (parents, children, teachers) we meet goals and the dreams which are set.
The seven years that a child spends at primary school flies by in the twinkling of an eye. Our aim is to equip every child with the skills and knowledge they will need to go to a high school of their choice. 



Telefoon: 054 332 3776


Dit is vir Laerskool Oranje-Noord van uiterste belang dat elke leerder se grondslag stewig gele word. Oranje-Noord stel hom dit ten doel om elke leerder se individuele behoeftes en talente soos musiek, tegnologie, kuns en kultuur, godsdiens en sport te ontwikkel, sodat u kind na die Intermediere  en Senior fase kan oorgaan as 'n goed toegeruste en gebalanseerde leerder.



By Laerskool Paul Greyling word kennis, lewensvaardighede, morele waardes en liefde ingeasem saam met vars seelug. 
Die skool is soos 'n intieme familie, waar kinders van Baba tot Gr.7 se grondslag op vaste Christelike waardes gele word. Geen leerder by Laerskool Paul Greyling is net 'n 'nommer' nie. Elke leerder kry kwaliteit individuele aandag. 


Laerskool Thabazimbi

Telefoon:    (014) 777-1234/5

In Suid-Afrika, in die Limpopo Provinsie hou die Ysterberg sy stille wag oor Laerskool Thabazimbi, waar jong breine ontwikkel, geslyp en poleer word om die volgende generasie se professionele leemtes met trots en deursettingsvermoe te vul.

Trompsburg Primêre Skool is 'n skool met 'n eg plattelandse karakter waar kinders nog kinders kan wees en waar waardes en dissipline belangrik is.
Ons kinders kry die geleentheid om hul talente uit te leef en ook om die skool en koshuislewe te geniet. Elke jaar het ons kinders 'n wondelike jaar – kampe, konserte, geesbou, sport, kultuur, akademie, koshuislewe en die uitbou van vaardighede met Kuns en Kultuur, Tegnologie en in die Rekenaarsentrum.

Pinedenestraat 67, Ravensmead 




At Pinedene Primary School teachers are not merely transferring knowledge - they provide a safe haven, combined with loads of love and care,   where children can grow and blossom to their full potential. 

Tel: (012) 711 8600
Fax: (012) 711 8645/46

Prestige College was established in 1991 and opened its doors in January 1992. The school gained its independence in 1995 when it formed its own ARTICLE 21 COMPANY NOT FOR GAIN and bought the property from its former owners. Money was secured from sponsors to further develop the school.Since its independence the school has developed remarkably.



Waterberg Academy

Cell: 083 726 1838



Waterberg Academy is an English Medium independent school founded in 2003, in the heart of the UNESCO Waterberg Biosphere Reserve in the small town of Vaalwater (Mabatlane), Limpopo, South Africa. Born out of a desire to take the best from traditional schooling, and combine this with critical elements that are sometimes overlooked, we are committed to an education informed by environmental, social and economic responsibility.


Worcester-Noord Primêre Skool

Jakaranda Ave, Worcester, 6850, South Africa

In die Breederiviervallei, 121 km oos-noordoos van Kaapstad en 52 km noordwes van Robertson, aan die rant van die Hexrivierberge, word kinderbreintjies met liefde en toegewydheid, onder die wakende oog van Mnr. Borcherds geslyp by Worcester-Noord Primêre Skool -  een van die topskole in die Boland!



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