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Rainbow Gospel Radio

Cupcake Days

As per Biblical instruction, Rainbow Gospel Radio is committed to the spiritual as well as the physical wellbeing of people of all nations, cultures and groups around the globe. Bible readings are done weekly in 27 different languages, by native speakers. We try our best to live out our mission as fishers of men,

as described in the Rainbow Story. 


Physical need is a big concern, but it is so difficult to get involved with projects, because there are so many scammers. There is no way, while living in the Middle East that Nico and Corne can evaluate or investigate the circumstances regarding a request for financial help. Every day they receive on average 70+ requests for help. 

Rainbow Gospel Radio is fortunate to have an extraordinary team. 


Dr. Chris Pitzer initiated the Rainbow Bread project, also known as the "Broodblik" on the Facebook page: Boererate vir Kwale en Skete


Charlotte van Greunen works full-time on reach out projects and she joined the Rainbow Gospel Radio team with the program: Rainbow Bread / Brood

Driekie Grobler is Rainbow Gospel Radio's bookkeeper. 


Nico and Corne asked Driekie to investigate a feeding project in Wolmer, Pretoria and based on what Driekie saw, decided to get involved with the project.

Charlotte is also well acquainted with the whole project. 


Funds generated via the Bread project and the Rainbow Gospel Radio Cupcake Days will be utilized to provide food on a weekly basis for the Wolmer feeding project.

1000+ Wolmer residents will receive a hot meal every day because of your generosity and continuous support.


Rainbow Gospel Radio is a registered NPO

RAINBOW GR NPC (2014/187597/08)


May you be blessed in abundance!


You are hereby cordially invited to the Rainbow Gospel Radio Cupcake Days! 


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