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Maryna Vos

My  name is Maryna Vos, I was born on the 19th November 1956 in Utenhage, Eastern Cape.  I have two children Riaan 35 not married, Melissa 33 married to Rudi van Eyk 35, and two grand children Donovan 9 and Lee-ann 7, they are both serious prayer warriors. I was widowed in 1986.
I was born again on the 14th April 1974. Called to the mission field on the 17th August 2002 and I have worked as a missionary in Russia, Bosnia, Singapore, Malaysia, London, Israel and India. I am currently working in India and Russia. I have read my bible 483 times and my mandate is to rob the steps of hell and over populate heaven.


One day, I was in a gym, running on the treadmill, when God told me to speak to a fat indian girl. I did not want to interrupt my running, but I decided that if God wanted me to talk to her, she would be able to understand English,  I stopped the treadmill and walked over to her. I told her half heartedly that my name was Maryna Vos, that I was from South Africa and that the God I served, wanted me to speak to her. She told me in perfect English that her name was Priya Anthony, that she was 26 years old, a qualified dentist with her own clinic and that she was a Catholic. I loved her immediately and two days later, I have put her on a protein diet.  I invited her to my flat and lead her to Jesus, she denounced the pope and all idols. I taught her how to forgive and repent and prayed for her to be baptised in the Holy Spirit.
In India the Catholics clasp the feet of the priests and worship them, kissing the priest ring as they rise.
The same evening , she had a family reunion. She has 45 cousins (all Catholics)and they immediately saw that she was different and wanted what she had. She send one of her cousins to me every second day all of them accepted Jesus, denounced the pope and all idols and received the Holy Spirit.  This family had 15 pastors and a very famous gospel singer “Father Beckman”.  They could not convince these young people to come out of Catholicism but  God gave me favour with them. 
As a result of their conversion, I was asked by one of the family pastors to come and do the corner stone prayer for the Father of Lights Prayer house to be built in Putokotai, India.


The church could not be built because the government would not give permission, but the Lord gave me a prophecy that the church would be built in 2 years and the inauguration would be done on the 13th November 2016 and that the Lord would provide the money and that the congregation would physically build the church, it all came to pass and the church was inaugurated on the 13th November 2016.

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