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Rainbow Gospel Radio claims no ownership of any recipe posted on the blog, unless otherwise specified. The recipes are collected from around the globe and where possible the owners of recipes are credited, but who do you actually credit for something like malva pudding? The person who submitted the recipe will also be mentioned. Sharing is caring! Share your recipes with the world by emailing it to: admin@rainbowgr.com. 


Rainbow Gospel Radio takes no responsibility for kitchen disasters or any nasty comments from cheecky bathroom scales!

Use the recipes at your own risk!

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Rainbow Gospel Radio

Rainbow Gospel Radio is the Mission Radio for the World.

We currently have listeners in 180 countries around the globe.

Rainbow Gospel Radio broadcasts via the internet and has no demographic restrictions.

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The Rainbow Story

A vision from God became a reality....


Click on the link to read the Rainbow Story, which includes Nico Liebenberg's testimony and illustrates the amazing grace of our Heavenly Father.

Sponsor an Hour

Rainbow Gospel Radio invites you to sponsor an hour and invest in missionary work worldwide. Your contribution will help to spread the Word of God around the globe.


Yummy is Rainbow Gospel Radio's recipe group on Facebook.We have more than 15 000 delicious recipes on our blog and if you need a recipe, you can just post in Yummy and admin will gladly provide the link. If we don't have the recipe you are searching for, we will find it for you!


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