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Sven Janssens

A long time ago in a faraway land, a young boy was born on Christmas day. Alright, it was 1970, Belgium and I was that little boy.

My name is Sven and was born in Antwerp, Belgium; grew up there and still live in Belgium, although not anymore in Antwerp.

I am not a schooled man, yet God chose to call me in ministry (serving Him) in 2000. Since that day my life has become an everyday adventure.

At this very moment I live at the coast side of Belgium and am a member of a Baptist church, which is part of the Protestant Churches in Belgium. I function in the church as a youth leader and sound technician. I am co-responsible with food distribution for the needy and help with the coffee bar; a project we started to have people come in and have a cup of coffee. (and the website, etc…)

Next to that I’m a member with Koinonia Ministries, located in Belgium, but active internationally. I take care of the graphic designing and more, (not to get to much in detail). This organisation is active in evangelising, humanitarian help in Belgium and Africa, has a Bible School, etc … Anyway, I’m part of it … :-)

Outside off all that, I’m part of youth and children camps, build websites, logo’s etc for churches and people, etc…. Does it profit me … not really … but bless the Lord He does profit me?

With the program “Happy Man” I want to be a blessing to everyone who is listening and those who are part of Rainbow Gospel Radio. God is so wonderful. The name for the program was very carefully chosen and without any regrets :

My program on Rainbow Gospel Radio

Monday   08:00 SA Time